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Hair Extensions

Completely hidden hand-tied hair extensions

Whether you're looking to add length or just some thickness to your current style hidden hand tied extensions are the way to go! This method is extremely gentle on your natural hair, completely customizable to fit your needs and is hidden to the outside world so nobody needs to know your secret.


Price of Hair

The extension hair is usually the biggest expense, but the good news is you don't need to purchase it every time! Each weft costs $140 and you could have anywhere from 3-6 wefts of hair per row of extensions and 1-3 rows of hair per application. The amount of hair needed depends on the look that you're going for and is determined by me.

The SKW hair can last 9 months-1 year if it's treated well and you're only using products that work with extensions.



Installing the gorgeous wefts of hair is the other cost of hair extensions. This price changes depending on how many rows we end up installing.

1 row= $200

2 rows= $350

3 rows= $450

My application charge includes coloring your hair extensions to match your hair perfectly and cutting the extensions to blend in with your natural hair. The method of extensions I do also doesn't show any beads or adhesive so your secret is safe with me!

Extensions do grow out and need to be moved up every 6-8 weeks

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Let's get Scheduled

OOOHHH GIRL, you're going to LOVE it! Because this is such a customized service we will need to get started with a consultation appointment where you an ask me anything you want about he hair extensions and I can give you a quote and get your hair ordered.

To schedule that consultation appointment go to the contact tab on my website and select "book online now" and choose consultation as your service. My online booking system will give you all of my available times/days and you can choose the one that works best with your schedule..

Also feel free to email me with any questions you may have to