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Chelsea Jacobs

Hello and welcome to my sacred space! I'm Chelsea Jacobs, born and raised right here in Cedar Rapids where I proudly help women achieve a low maintenance looks that work with their natural hair, not against it.

As a mom myself, I know how difficult it can be to find a space to feel relaxed, refreshed and rejuvenated. I've designed my salon suite to be the perfect place where you want to go to feel more uplifted and confident. I believe going to the salon shouldn't be something you just check off your to-do list, it should be something that fills your cup.

I've been a stylist since 2010 and I've never felt more in love with my clients or my artistry. I specialize in natural looking hair color and extensions. I am so proud of the monthly advanced education I take and the fact that I travel annually for elite education opportunities.

While most stylists offer a great first visit and solid maintenance care thereafter, I see my role as your stylist a bit differently. I like to work with my guest to create a hair care plan and I anticipate my guests needs to ensure they aren't feeling stuck or bored.

On the weekends you can catch me at the local toddler hangout spot or on my bike riding through the trails. I'm always on the go with my active family and know all the tips to quickly do hair and makeup on the go.

I'm also not so secretly obsessed with plants, books,  and am always down for a conversation about soil drainage or the SJM universe.

Click the link below to fill out my new guest form or check out my service menu. Email if you have any questions.


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