Natural Gorgeous Color

Providing low maintenance looks that stand the test of time

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Specialty Color

Oh yeah, my specialty! I consider a "Specialty Color" service to be anything that requires advance techniques to give a lived-in look and makes the color low maintenance.


This could be anything from a shadow root (a very subtle shift of color just at the roots) to a balayage (a super soft blended highlight, think of what your hair looks like at the end of summer when you've spent a lot of time out in the sun) even a money piece (super bright hair right around the face) or anything in between.

Generally this ends up being a customized combination of techniques that I cook up just for you, so I end up spending the most amount of time on colors like these (aaand I love EVERY second of it)! When you get this service done in the salon expect to spend at least 3 hours with me and to ave drop dead gorgeous results :)

Maintenance for a color like this could look different from person to person depending on how far away we go from your natural color. A subtle shift could mean you can let it grow out forever and it will never look bad but a bigger change may mean you need to get it re-touched every 8 weeks. For best results I always recommend a Triple-T service which stands for Trim, Tone and Treatment.

Color Glaze

This ain't yo mama's all over color! Everything I do I try to make dimensional and beautiful so when I apply color all over from root to tip I'll mix up multiple formulas to give dimension and shine to your hair.

Another thing I like to focus on is the health of your hair so when you get a service like this done I will use the most gentle formulas I can and you can expect to spend about two hours in the salon with me.

Maintenance on a color like this will be anywhere from 4-8 weeks or basically whenever your roots start to bother you.

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Highlights and Lowlights

Classic and elegant! Think of the all over foils, adding the lighter pieces is a highlight and darker pieces are lowlights. This classic technique will always give your hair dimension and will never be out of style.

Depending on how many foils are needed for the look you want and how thick your hair is you can expect to spend anywhere from 2-3 hours with me.

Maintaining a look like this will be anywhere from 6-8 weeks. If you're looking for a quicker option to get you in between appointments you can schedule a Triple-T service (treatment, tone and trim) with a hairline foil (a few foils right along your part and hairline to get you by).